Hoback Canyon

GoPro footage from a remote drone shot where Red Creek joins the Hoback River. The talus slope contains blocks of Mississippian Madison limestone as well as Pennsylvanian Tensleep sandstone. The anticline across the river is asymmetric and a drag fold; mostly the Tensleep formation is visible. Finally there are highly tilted layers of the Triassic Chugwater formation, deformed by the Bear Thrust Fault. Further away from the fault itself although hard to see in the video are well preserved ripple marks in the Chugwater Fm.

Mt. Ann Summit

Mt. Ann is located directly behind camp at an elevation of 7444 ft, camp is at 6113 ft. The hike takes a bit over an hour. The following video is shot by GoPro cameras attached to a flying drone. The people at the end beginning their hike down are some of the Intro Geology students.