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Measuring River Discharge

Calculating a river’s discharge, often measured in cfs (cubic feet per second), requires measuring some basic parameters of the river. The students broke up into four groups and headed off to four different rivers (Snake, Hoback, Upper Granite Creek, Lower Granite Creek, and the confluence of Upper and Lower Granite) around Hoback Junction, WY. At each location they needed to determine the cross sectional area of the river (done with measuring tapes/sticks), then the water’s velocity (done by dropping fruit into the river and timing it from point A to point B, passing through the plane of interest). As usual, the footage was filmed on GoPro cameras.


Evidence of Glaciers in the Lavender Hills

The Lavender Hills are located outside Jackson, WY north of the Gros Ventre Mountains. There is abundant evidence of glaciers here: U-shaped valleys, kettle lakes, and moraines. This footage was shot with a GoPro camera attached to a remote controlled drone.

Gros Ventre Slide

Evidence of a huge mass wasting event (landslide) in the Gros Ventre Range in 1925. The slide dammed the Gros Ventre River for two years; in 1927 the dam broke and the subsequent massive flood decimated the downstream town of Kelly, WY killing 6 people. Footage filmed by GoPro Cameras flown on a remote controlled drone. 


Welcome! This blog will contain photos and videos taken via GoPro cameras by the University of Michigan. These media will be used as teaching aids for students to provide help recalling features seen in the field and to further illustrate geologic principles learned in the classroom. GoPro cameras will be attached to students on hikes, held in hand for photos, and flown on a remote control drone for aerial footage.

Camp Davis; the University of Michigan's summer geology field camp.
Camp Davis; the University of Michigan’s summer geology field camp.

We begin at the University of Michigan’s Camp Davis, a geology summer field camp located outside Jackson, Wyoming. Throughout this month long class students will travel to places of geologic interest in both Wyoming and Idaho. We will visit the Snake River Plain (ID), Craters of the Moon (ID), City of Rocks (ID), Granite Creek (WY), Yellowstone National Park (WY & ID), and Teton National Park (WY) among others.

Prof. Jamie Gleason teaches a lecture to the Introductory Geology class (EARTH 116). June 2014
Prof. Jamie Gleason teaches a lecture to the Introductory Geology class (EARTH 116). June 2014.

Combining new technology with more traditional classroom and field learning will provide enhanced learning, the ability to revisit places seen via videos, and allow students to show the beauty and grandeur of the American West easily with family and friends.